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Silver Wedding Anniversary Wishes

25th wedding anniversary whishesAre you looking for wordings for congratulation for a silver wedding anniversary? You should congratulate when friends, your parents or relatives are married for 25 years. You can write some funny or lovely words into a congratulation card or send greetings with an SMS. For any case here are some wishes for a silver wedding anniversary.
Wedding Published on 23.04.2013

Golden Wedding Anniversary Wishes

50th Wedding Anniversary WhishesWhen you want to congratulate to a 50th wedding anniversary you need some sayings or wordings to write in a anniversary card. Here you find some wishes and texts for free. They can be used for the 50th wedding anniversary of your parents, your grandparents, neighbours oder colleagues, for friends and other nice people.
Wedding Published on 23.04.2013

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Gifts Ideas for Golden Wedding AnniversaryThe 50th marriage anniversary is a special event. Here are some gift ideas for your parents, grandparents and friends. The Golden Wedding anniversary is quite remarkable because the husband and wife managed to stay together for 50th years. Now they are a elderly couple and deserve a very special present.
Wedding Published on 06.05.2013

50th Marriage Anniversary Sayings

The 50th marriage anniversary is quite remarkable because staying together for 50 years is sometimes quite diificult. If your grandparents or your parents are going to celebrate their 50th marriage anniversary you should congratulate them wirth some nice and funny, warm and inspirational sayings and quotes. Here are some texts for the 50th marriage anniversary for free.
Wedding Published on 11.05.2013

Money Gift for the 25th Wedding Anniversary

cash gift 25th wedding anniversaryIf you want to give a cash gift for the 25th wedding anniversary you need some ideas for a nice packaging. Here you find some nice money gift ideas for the silver marriage anniversary. Most of the packaging is quite funny. In any case these presents will make the couple happy.
Wedding Published on 16.05.2013

Wedding Messages for Card

Wedding Card TextsIf you want to congratulate for the marriage of a couple you may want to send a wedding card. Here you find some sayings, wordings and short texts which you can write into such a card. All wedding wishes and congratulations are free and may be used for your own wedding cards. There are some funny short quotes, cute sayings and nice messages for friends, your sister, brother or other relatives or for one of your colleagues.
Wedding Published on 18.05.2013

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes

first anniversaryThe 1st Wedding Anniversary is also called the Clock, Paper or Cotton Wedding Anniversary. If you want to send greetings and wishes for the first anniversary to your wife or husband, to friend, colleagues or brother or sister you may find these wordings for cards and sms messages quite useful. Funny and warm wishes can be found here. All Anniversary wishes are free for personal use.
Wedding Published on 21.05.2013

5th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Funny and warm 5th wedding anniversary wishes. You can send wishes and congratulations on the wooden wedding with anniversary cards and these wishes. Being married for 5 years is an event for the yound couple which should be honoured with a greeting card or a text message.
Wedding Published on 04.06.2013

10th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Tin Wedding WishesSweet and funny sayings and quotes for the 10th wedding anniversary. Being married for 10 years is certainly a worthy occasions for a nice anniversary card and at least a original text message with wishes. The 10th marraige anniversary is also called the tin wedding. Here are some wordings for 10th anniversary congratulations and wishes.
Wedding Published on 06.06.2013

15th Wedding Anniversary wishes

crystal weddingFunny and sweet 15th wedding anniversary wishes as text messages or quotes and texts for anniversary greeting cards. Some of the sayings are sarcastic, but most of them are just humorous and funny. Crystal wedding is another name for this very special day.
Wedding Published on 07.06.2013

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