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40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Many gift ideas for man and woman for the 40th birthday. If you are looking for a nice gift this is the place where you get ideas. There are small and big gifts.
Birthday->40th Birthday Published on: 29.04.2013

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

What to give for the 50th Birthday of a man or a woman? Here are a lot of great gift ideas for nice people. If you are lookiong for someting to give to a relative or friend, you may find a nice gift here.
Birthday->50th Birthday Published on: 30.04.2013

Company Anniversary Wishes

If you would like to congratulate a company for their corporate anniversary you may find proper wordings for cards, letters or emails here. There are formal and personal greeting messages for a corporate anniversary.
Events->Business Anniversary Published on: 15.05.2013

Birthday Messages for Colleagues

Funny birthday sayings for a colleague or coworker. These warm and nice wishes and texts can be used for SMS messages and birthday cards.
People->Colleagues Published on: 24.05.2013

Employee Anniversary Wishes

Free work anniversary and coworker anniversarty wishes for congratulation cards, emails and text messages. Funny sayings and proverbs for a work anniversary.
People->Colleagues Published on: 05.06.2013

57th Birthday Wishes

Happy 57th birthday wishes for friends and relatives, neighbours and colleagues. You can write these 57th birthday messages into birthday cards and use them in text messages.
Birthday->51st to 59th Birthday Published on: 11.07.2013

24th Birthday Messages

Happy 24th birthday text messages for SMS and funny phrases for birthday cards. Use these congratulations to send nice and funny wishes to friends.
Birthday->21st to 29th Birthday Published on: 22.07.2013

48th Birthday Messages

Funny short sayings for the 48th birthday of a friend, your brother or sister, aunt or uncle or for other nice people getting 48 years old. Texts are suitable for SMS messages and birthday cards.
Birthday->41st to 49th Birthday Published on: 02.08.2013

Teacher Quotes

Sayings and phrases about teachers and how they use to work with students. Nice quotes for greeting cards to a teacher to make him or her smile.
Events->School Published on: 02.08.2013

Promotion Congratulations

Happy cute and funny congratulations for a promotion of a colleague or friend, relative or of business partners. All these wordings are free for personal use.
People->Colleagues Published on: 06.08.2013

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