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4th Birthday Congratulations

Messages and texts for birthday cards on the 4th birthday of boys and girls. These happy birthday greetings are child-friendly and suitable for cards and other messages.
Kids Birthday->Children Birthday Published on: 16.05.2013

7th Birthday Wishes

Messages for the 7th birthday of a boy or a girl for birthday cards and text messages send with your cellphone. All congratulations and texts on this website are free.
Kids Birthday->Children Birthday Published on: 03.06.2013

16th Birthday Gift Ideas

Presents for the 16th birthday of a boy or a girl. Small and big gifts and many original ideas for the teeager birthday present.
Birthday->Teenager Gifts Published on: 02.07.2013

3rd Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

Gift ideas for the 3rd birthday of a boy. If you a looking for an original gift for a three year old boy you may want to have a look at this list.
Kids Birthday->Children Gifts Published on: 20.07.2013

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