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50th Birthday Wishes

Here you find a couple of happy 50th birthday wishes for nice people. There are many funny message and nice short texts for birthday cards, for SMS send with your mobile phone and for facebook profiles. Have fun with these biorthday sayings.
Birthday->50th Birthday Published on: 22.04.2013

Golden Wedding Anniversary Wishes

The 50th Wedding Anniversary is a huge event for a couple because they are married for half a century! You should send some greetings and wishes for the Golden Wedding anniversary. Here you find a couple of messages and free wishes for cards and letters.
Wedding->Golden Wedding Published on: 23.04.2013

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

What to give for the 50th Birthday of a man or a woman? Here are a lot of great gift ideas for nice people. If you are lookiong for someting to give to a relative or friend, you may find a nice gift here.
Birthday->50th Birthday Published on: 30.04.2013

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for the Golden Wedding Anniversary of your parents, grandmother and grandfather or other relatives. Small and big presents for the 50th marriage anniversary which is quite a special event.
Wedding->Golden Wedding Published on: 06.05.2013

50th Marriage Anniversary Sayings

Quotes and sayings , greetings and messages for the 50th wedding anniversaty of your grandparents or parents. All wishes, sayings and texts on this website are free.
Wedding->Golden Wedding Published on: 11.05.2013

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Great Ideas for gifts to the 50th birthday of women. Some inexpensive and some more expensive gifts for her 50th birthday. You may find these ideas useful for choosing a gift for your mother, your wife, friends or other women.
Birthday->50th Birthday Published on: 18.05.2013

50th Birthday Card Templates

If you want to say "Happy Birthday" for the 50th Birthday of a friend or colleague, relative or partner you may find these card template useful. There are printable cards for all 50th birthdays.
Birthday->50th Birthday Published on: 19.05.2013

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