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Sleep Well SMSIf you really like somebody and your laying in bed thinking about the person it might be a good idea to send him or her a nice good night and sleep well sms. Here you can find some real nice sayings to wish someone a real good night and sleep tide.

If my arms can`t reach you, I will surround you with my heart and think about you. You are so close to me. I wish you a good night my darling.

Tonight I asked the moon to look after you, told the wind to blow away your sorrows and asked the stars to bright up your way. Sleep tide.

You are the last thing I am thinking of at night and the first thing on my mind in the morning. What have you done to me?

I wish you sweet dreams, why are you not here with me? I close my eyes and my last thought is you.

Go to sleep as a rose. You both will wake up as beautiful as ever. Sleep well.

I have got to go to sleep alone tonight. But my thoughts are with you and therefore i am sending you 1000 stars and I wish you would be here with me. These stars are taking care of you and the whisper Forget me not. Sweet dreams. I love you.

If you are sad tonight because i can not be with you. Look out to stars. One shines brighter than the others only for you. Good night.

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Sleep Well SMS Text Messages

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