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sad quoteIf you want to express your sadness with words you might want to have a look at these sad quotes and sayings. They describe sadness in quotes about love, life and living. Lots of sad sayings arise out of self-pity or mourning.

Let a person know as often as possible that you love him. Because the day will come when it is too late for that.

Not everyone who looks happy actually is happy. Some only smile so they do not break out into tears.

It only takes one word to make a person cry but it takes a 1000 words to dry these tears.

Big sorrow often follows a big love.

You just can not relay on the weather or the love.

The day started just like all the others. There was your smile and your plans. Suddenly these terrible Moment came and destroyed it all.

The memory is paradise and you can not be chased away.

Everyone has injuries and scares which we will keep. A heart in deep sorrow but the love will always be.

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Sad Quotes and Messages

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