Pregnancy Congratulations

Pregnancy CongratulationsA pregnancy is a real big thing for every woman and certainly needs to be acknowledged by friends, sister and brother, colleagues and parents. Here you can find some pregnancy sayings, wishes and congratulationens which you can send via sms or put on a card. These sayings are also suitable for text messages.

Congratulation to the great news! I wish you and your baby all the best for your future.

A baby is the biggest luck on earth, even though the way is full with little kicks in the belly, morning sickness and a shortly ruined figure. I wish you all the best for your pregnancy.

All the best and healthiness for your pregnancy! Take your time and relax. Once your little baby is born you won`t get a lot of chances. But you will certainly get the cutes smile in the world instead.

9 months you carry your little baby in your belly and for the rest of your life you will have it in your heart. Congratulations to your pregnancy.

The prettiest baby certainly exists and every mum has got it. Congratulations to the cutes baby that has ever been born.

The feeling of being fat will last 9 months. The feeling of being a mum will last a life time. I send you all the best wishes.

You will be a little family real soon. A little kick from inside your belly will remind you. All the best!

Congratulations to the biggest wonder mother nature is possible to give. From now on everything will change in your life and you will love it.

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Pregnancy Congratulations and Wishes and Messages

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