Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement

Here are some pregnancy announcements for your partner or husband. When you realize that you are pregnant you need a romantic, funny or nice way to tell him the fact.

1Buy some baby shoes, dummy or even little baby socks and place them somewhere where your husband can not miss them (fridge, remote control or on the computer). Certainly you can wrap them up nicely to increase the surprise. May be you send your husband a little parcel with one of these items.
2The pregnancy test is often used to announce this all changing news. Place the test in his favorite book, next to the breakfast plate or hold it right under his nose. In most cases it will take a little while for the man to understand the massage.
3Another good idea is a book about babys or the destiny of a father. But even here it might take a while for him to understand the massage. A little note like “hello dad, I will see you in nine month” might help to understand a little quicker.
4If you are a little creative you can draw a little human on your belly and show him the picture. Of you are not so good in drawing you could also write something like “I live here for the next 9 month or even shorter: my new home. What about a T-shirt with Baby inside on it? This is a clear massage.
5This great news can be brought to him via the ultrasound picture. A picture says more than 1000 words.
6You might take your loved once out for dinner and present him the news after a lovely dinner.
ing, you have got to move out of your office or darling does two child seats fit into our car? Or be totally straight and say contraception did not work

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Pregnancy Announcement - How to tell your husband

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