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Best Friend Quotes and Wishes

Good FriendsList of best friend quotes. Friendship is need be everyone and good friends are very important. Here are many best friend quotes and wishes. You may send these messages to your best friend in order to tell her or him how important he or she is for you. It's a list of short terms, quotes and sayings which are perfect for SMS messages but may also be used for letters, emails, for facebook or for cards.
People Published on 29.04.2013

Encouragement Sayings for Friends

Friends EncouragementFor the encouragement of a friend you can write some sensitive and insightful message and wishes in a SMS or a letter to cheer him or her up a bit. Yo should choose the wording carefully, because you want make the recipient feel better. Here are some encouragement sayings and wishes which are suitable for small problems and setbacks of life.
People Published on 08.05.2013

I miss you messages for her

Love YouWhen you want to let your girlfriend know that you are missing her you can send her some nice SMS messages to tell her. Here are some cute and romantic texts which are suitable for this purpose. There are also some inspirational sayings and quotes about missing her.
People Published on 17.05.2013

Birthday Messages for Colleagues

Birthday Messages for ColleaguesWhen a work colleague or coworker is celebrating a birthday you should send him or her a nice birthday card with a warm or funny birthday message. Here are some sayings and wordings for cards which are suitable for colleagues and coworkers. All other colleagues can sign in. All texts are free for personal use. You may use these wishes for SMS and cards.
People Published on 24.05.2013

Delivery Nurse Thank You Wordings

Delivery Nurse ThanksDelivery and Labor nurses support pregant women and give advices and tips which are very important during and after pregnancy. Here are some wordings and texts for cards and letters to say "thank you" do your delivery nurse. als these messages are free.
People Published on 26.05.2013

Get Well Soon Messages for Colleague

Get Well MessageIf you want to send wishes for a speedy recovery to a colleague opr coworker, you may use these messages, sayings and quotes to send a "get well soon" SMS, email, letter, postcard or greeting card. All messages and texts are free for your own wishes. There are funny and warm messages.
People Published on 31.05.2013

Apology Messages for Girlfriend

apology for herIf you have done something unfair or you have to say sorry for any other reason you may need these apology text messages. These texts are suitable for your wife your girlfriend or other women. You may choose from various wordings because there are different reasons to send apology messages. All texts are sweet.
People Published on 05.06.2013

Employee Anniversary Wishes

Work anniversary wishes and messages for colleagues and employees, coworkers and other people in the company. If an employee is working for 1 year, 5 years or 10 years in your company you should send him some warm anniversary wishes. Here are some wordings for employee anniversary cards or messages for free.
People Published on 05.06.2013

Brother Sayings

Brother QuotesHere are some sayings and quotes for little brothers ans big brothers. A brother can be great but he is also annoying the same time. Here are some great short text messages for your brother or about being a brother. You might send these messages to you own brother with your cellphone or include it in a letter.
People Published on 09.06.2013

Encouragement Sayings for Students

Students Good LuckIf you want to cheer up a student or colleague you might send him or her an encouragement sayings. Here are some wishes and quotes for students and children at school. They are inspirational and motivational and should push them for great results. These short sayings are suitable for text messages.
People Published on 11.06.2013

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