Funny Newborn Baby Wishes

new born baby wishesNew born baby wishes are short sayings or a short texts which you can write on to a congratulation card or even send as sms to congratulate the parents to the new born baby. Baby wishes are often used to encourage the new parents and give them some confidence for the future.

New born baby boy wishes

Congratulations to your baby boy! I would love to see the little one – when can I come and visit the little familily?

You have made a great job. The little one is so cute and looks just like his mum. Congratulation and I wish you a lot of sleep.

New born baby girl wishes

A healthy daughter is born – i am so happy and wish you all the best. She is so cute, please mark me as a babysitter.

If love comes to life, the happiness has got a name!

Funny baby wishes

We have got higher expenditure and shorter nights, but therefore 3600 gr of more luck !

Someone living without kids does not know sorrow, someone dieing without children does not know anything about luck

We could have had 3 Porsche or 100 holidays far away. But we wanted sleepless nights and lego in the living room. The baby is born!!

Once you have children of your own, you know how much your parents love you

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Funny Newborn Baby Wishes and Messages

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