Money Gift for the 25th Wedding Anniversary

money gift silver wedding anniversary

25 years of marriage is a special anniversary. Therefor a nice present has to be made. Throughout the years money gifts have become more and more popular. The money can be used of the couple to fulfill their own wishes like a holiday. If a cash present is being made you should wrap it up special. Here you will find some ideas how to wrap it up for the silver wedding.

1Change money notes into coins and wrap every single coin into aluminum foil so that they look like sweats. No tie every single package on to a long twine. Once you are finished you can find a real nice place to hang your present up.
2For this idea you will need quite a few matchboxes. Every matchbox box is being wrapped in to a note. So that you use the note as wrapping paper. But a silver ribbon on each matchbox and but everything nicely presented into a basket.
3Fold the money notes can be another great idea. Take a big plant, fold lots of blossoms and decorate them on to the plant. How to fold blossoms is easy and you can find instructions on the internet. To secure the blossoms use some small wires.
4Another great and easy idea for a silver wedding present is a sweet garland. All you need is a big bag of sweets. Take half of it out and the sweets are being replaced by money. Now take a long twine and tie the sweets as well as the replaced sweets to it.

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Money Gift for the 25th Wedding Anniversary

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