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Loneliness quotes

Loneliness sayingsWords and phrases about loneliness. Quotes and sayings about being alone to express this painful feeling. There are also some proverbs about loneliness. You may use these show texts to include in a text message or letter. Being alone is painful and there are many ways to cure it. You may also use the quotes to encourage friends and nice people not to feel alone any more and to get in contact with friends and relatives.
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Funny Get Well Messages

Funny Get Well QuotesYou can encourage a colleague or a friend who is ill with these funny sayings and quotes. Here are a lot of funny get well soon messages and wishes for cards and text message. all these phrases are free for personal use. There are some sayings to think about, some cheeky messages and some funny sayings.
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Sad Quotes

sadnessWhen you are in a bad mood and feeling sad you may want to express your feelings with words. Here are some sad quotes - some from famous people. These phrases and sayings are from sad people sent as text messages or poetry.
Living->Sadness Published on 09.08.2013

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