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Coffee Quotes and Sayings

Coffee QuotesCoffee is very popular all over the world. Therefore many famous people have said something about drinking coffee. Here are some coffee quotes and sayings which might be used in letters, coupons and invitations.
Living Published on 04.06.2013

Beer Sayings and Quotes

Beer QuotesFunny sayings and quotes about beer, the favorite drink of almost all men. There are many short proverbs and messages about beer and people drinking it.
Living Published on 08.06.2013

Loneliness quotes

Loneliness sayingsWords and phrases about loneliness. Quotes and sayings about being alone to express this painful feeling. There are also some proverbs about loneliness. You may use these show texts to include in a text message or letter. Being alone is painful and there are many ways to cure it. You may also use the quotes to encourage friends and nice people not to feel alone any more and to get in contact with friends and relatives.
Living Published on 24.06.2013

Shopping Sayings

Shopping QuotesShopping is one of the most popular activity of women. Here are some quotes and sayings about shopping. Most of these phrases and claims are quite funny and describe the way a woman shops in contrast to a man. You may use these short texts in SMS to make your wife or girlfriend smile.
Living Published on 25.06.2013

Horse Quotes

Horse SayingsQuotes about horses and riders. Horse riding people love their horses more than anything else and these phrases and sayings are about such horse lovers and the pain of their partners. Most of the quotes are quite funny phrases and wisdoms to think about.
Living Published on 02.07.2013

Gift Ideas for Horse Riders

Rider GiftsOriginal gift ideas for horse riders and horse lovers. Horse owners always need special equipment and other stuff for their hobby. If you have to choose a gift for a horse rider you may choose one of these great gift ideas.
Living Published on 02.07.2013

Good Morning Text Messages

Good Morning QuotesIf you want to send a good morning text message to your boyfriend, your girlfriend or a friend you may want to use these good morning SMS text messages. There are funny good morning sayings as well as sweet quotes. You will definitely bring a smile on the face of your partner or friend. All messages are free for personal use. Some are good morning phrases others are wisdoms and short texts about having a good morning.
Living Published on 05.07.2013

New Business Wishes

New Business QuotesIf you want to send congratulation messages to someone opening a new business or a new store, you may want to use these congratulation text messages and wishes for good luck cards. These wishes can be send on the day of the grand opening of the store or new business. They are suitable for friends, business partners and relatives.
Living Published on 08.07.2013

Funny Dog Sayings

Funny Dog SayingsDogs are the best friend - may dog owners have this opinion. Here are some more quotes and sayings about dogs and dog owners. All phrases are free for personal use. You may find some funny quotes and sweet sayings about big dogs and little puppys.
Living Published on 13.07.2013

Funny Get Well Messages

Funny Get Well QuotesYou can encourage a colleague or a friend who is ill with these funny sayings and quotes. Here are a lot of funny get well soon messages and wishes for cards and text message. all these phrases are free for personal use. There are some sayings to think about, some cheeky messages and some funny sayings.
Living Published on 17.07.2013

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