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Free Children Birthday Cards to print

Kids Birthday Cards to PrintIf you are looking for some birthday cards for a child you may ind these Word 2010 birthday card template useful. These are free birthday card templates to print which are funny and colorful. You may change the text and pictures to match your own needs. You may also use the children birthday cards just as the are. They are printable.
4th Birthday Card Word Template - Free Greetings Card4th Birthday Card Word Template
Free Word 4th Birthday Card Greetings Template for Download. Horse and Balloons illustration for 4 year old boys and girls.
5th Birthday Card Word Template - Free Birthday Card5th Birthday Card Word Template
Free Word Template for a birthday card. This one shows an rainbow and a text for the 5th birthday. Free printable card for kids.
Printable Birthday Card for 6th Birthday - Free TemplatePrintable Birthday Card for 6th Birthday
Free Template for the 6th Birthday. Illustration shows a birthday cake with 6 candles on it. Printable Worod 2010 brithday card template.
7th Birthday Card Template - printable pink Word card7th Birthday Card Template
Free printable Word template for a birthdaycard for the 7th birthday. The main color is pink and the card shows a funny little monster.
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Kids Birthday Greeting Messages

kids birthday wishesIf your are writing a greeting card or a SMS for a kids birthday you need nice wishes and greetings, messages or wordings. Here are some sayings and texts for girls and also some which are suitable for boys. All messages and sayings on this website are free.
Kids Birthday Published on 11.05.2013

4th Birthday Congratulations

4th birthday wishesWishes and messages for the 4th birthday of a boy or a girl. You might want to send a birthday card to your nephew or niece, grandson oder granddaughter or bring a birthday card to the kids birthday party. In any case you need some personal words. Here are some sayings, wishes and quotes for this purpose. You can write them into a kids 4th birthday card, a letter or an email or SMS.
Kids Birthday Published on 16.05.2013

3rd Birthday Wishes

Children 3rd Birthday WishesHappy 3rd birthday messages for little boys and girls. With 3 years children often celebrate their birthday with friends for the first time. Here are some wishes and sayings friends may write on a birthday card for the 3rd birthday. All wordings and texts are a little bit funny and may be used if you are the uncle, aunt, grandma or grandad or just a friend coming to the kids birthday party.
Kids Birthday Published on 24.05.2013

5th Birthday Messages

Wishes 5 BirthdayIf you want to say Happy Birthday to a 5 year old boy or girl you may need some funny and child friendly wishes or messages for cards. Here are a couple of cute and warm but also funny texts and sayings for kids. You may use them for free for your personal congratulations.
Kids Birthday Published on 27.05.2013

6th Birthday Wishes

Wishes on 6th BirthdayFree funny messages, sayings and congratulations for children on the 6th Birthday. You may use these short texts as SMS messages or personal birthday card wordings. Who would like to congratulate a boy or girl child's birthday, can find short texts and children's birthday congratulations that are child-friendly and will make the boy or girl smile.
Kids Birthday Published on 29.05.2013

4th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Gift Ideas Girls 4 yearsWhat to buy a 4 year old girl for her birthday? Here are some great gift ideas for a girl's 4th birthday. In this age you should avoid vouchers or money because they want something to unpack and play with immediately. Dolls, craft supplies and cuddly toys are great gift ideas for little girls.
Kids Birthday Published on 31.05.2013

7th Birthday Wishes

7th Birthday WishesCongratulations and free short sayings, quotes and texts for birthday cards on the 7th birthday of a little boy or girl. Here are some warm and funny child-friendly birthday wishes. You should send a nice congratulation to your granddaughter or grandson, to nephew or niece or to befriended children of your own daughter or son.
Kids Birthday Published on 03.06.2013

5th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

boy 5 presentsGift ideas on the 5th birthday of a boy. Here are a couple of gifts which are suitable for little boys. Several price ranges are covered and they are suitable for grandmom and grandad, for parents and uncle, aunties and other relatives or belated children. All 5 year old boy will definitely love these birthday presents.
Kids Birthday Published on 10.06.2013

8th Birthday Wishes

8th Birthday WishesIf you want to send a birthday card or a text message on the 8th birthday of a girl or a boy you need some wordings or congratulations. Here are sayings and wishes for the 8th birthday of children. All these texts are free and child-friendly. They can be used for invitation cards, greeting cards, for emails or letters or other congratulations on the 8th birthday.
Kids Birthday Published on 13.06.2013

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