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Inspirational SayingsFrom time to time you come across some short sayings which will get you thinking. These sayings are often about love, healthiness, nature or the meaning of life. Sad, thoughtfully claims go straight to your heart. The best inspirational sayings are made by life. Here you can find a few of these sayings, which you could send on via sms or card to your friends.
Some good sayings to get you thinking are made by the big once of the world culture. A good saying does not have to be long, often a short one bares a lot of thruth in it. Please look forward to find short quotation as well as sayings in different category on this page.

The second place is the first looser
It is in the human nature to think reasonable but to act unreasonable.

I don`t make mistakes i am only learning.
Nothing is as bad as we think, nothings as good as we are hoping.

Only self made borders are stopping us
If you are not expecting anything good, nastiness can`t harm you
Rather enjoy life being mad than normal and boring

The true strength of a person isn`t shown by his muscle but by the way he stands behind you

There are thousend types of noises but only one silence

Strangers are friends, which you haven`t met yet

Pain is just like clouds of a thunderstorm. Far away they look pitch black but being on above us they are barely grey.

Experience doesn`t mean anything. Everyone makes mistakes without knowing it.

If you give up your freedom to find security you will loose both at the end of it.

Nothing in the world is as catching as a laughter and good mood

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Inspirational Sayings to make you think

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