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Inspirational LifeIf you want to post an inspirational phrase or quotes in your social network profile or send a text message to a friend to make him or her think, then you might want to use one of these inspirational life quotes.

You have not won if she smiles at you after kissing her. You have won if she stand in front of you in a white dress.

There are no coincidental meetings. Every person in your life is either a test, a punishment or a present.

Even if you think nothing makes sense anymore and everyone is against you, always remember your family stand right behind you.

Life is like a trip by train. Some people go all the way with you, some get off in between and others get on.

It does not take a lot of strength to hold on to something. It takes a lot of strength to let go.

The strange thing about the future is the thought of someone looking back and saying yaeh yaeh the good old times.

Tears are the best friends, because they come along when everybody else has already letting you go.

I hate a lot of people, but I donít really hate them because that would waste my feelings.

I don`t know if it gets better when I change things. I just know that I have to change things to get better.

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