Horse Quotes

Horse QuotesHorse quotes are some phrases about horses, horse owners and riders. Horse riding people often love their horses more than anything else. Here you can find some funny sayings about horses. These sayings are free of charge and they are not to be taken too serious. Some of these quotes are quite funny, some are wisdoms to think about.

You can give an order to a gelding, a stallion needs to be asked and with a mare you will certainly discuss things over and over again.

A rider does not only need to know how to ride, but also how to fall.

Every horse deserves to be loved by a little girl once in his life.

To buy a horse is just like finding the right woman. Close your eyes and pray to god that you have found the right one.

If god has created something more beautiful than a horse, he has kept it for himself.

A horse is just like a used car - you never know who it is going to develop.

Nothing in the world can be important if you can not make it from the back of your horse.

The art of horse riding is to motivate your horse in a way that it thinks it does what he wants to do.

A horse ride without a horse is only a human, a horse without a rider is still a horse

The ideal horse the head of a countess and the butt of a cook.

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Horse Quotes and Sayings about Riders

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