Gradma Sayings and Quotes

gradmom sayingsSayings for the grandma show her who important she is to you. These sayings can describe the relationship to the best grandma of the world or just say thank you for being there when she was needed. You can write them on to a nice card or use them in a letter.

A grandma is a babysitter who looks after the kids and not after the tv.

Every child needs a grandma to become more secure in the big wild and often scary world.

If god wanted us to use recipes for cooking he would not have given us a grandma.

Grandmothers are just like mothers just with a completely filled freezer.

To be a grandmom is fantastic. A minute ago you were just a normal mother and suddenly you are really old and full of wisdom.

Grandma have always a never ending stock of cookies and hot chocolate.

If a grandma enters the room, the manners of the children seem to disappear.

Do you know what makes you healthy?
Salvation, fortune, fluke or grandmas prayer?

You are just someone for this world but for someone you are the whole world. And this person is your grandma.

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Gradma Sayings and Quotes

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