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Goodbye FriendsWhen a friend ist leaving, because he goes on a journey, because he is moving or because he emigrates you should send him or her some nice goodbye messages on facebook or with an SMS. Usually your friend and yourself are sag because he is leaving. Though, it is better to look forward and make the best out of it. You may tell him ir her to come back soon and that you will miss him. Here are some farewell sayings for friends. All texts, quotes and sayings on this website are free for personal use.

True friendship lasts a lifetime and we will see again soon!

I'm happy to have someone for whom it is so difficult to say goodbye. I hope that you're back soon.

You are moving to another town, but are not lost in space. I will visit you as soon as possible.

Can some miles seperate real friends? Actually, I'll always be with you.

I'll let you go now only because I know that we will never forget and you will see me very soon.

The road to a friend's house is never long. So I come along soon.

Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye? I will never forget you my friend.

I wish you all my luck and happiness and try to be back as soon as you can.

Hope we are able to meet soon and we will bring back all our happy days. I will miss you.

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Goodbye Messages to Friends - funny and inspirational

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