Goodbye message to colleague leaving

Goodbye ColleaguesYou may want to send goodbye messages or sayings to a colleague leaving the company in order t wish him all the best in his way. Farewell sayings and messages for colleagues are a nice way to send funny or heartfelt texts or sayings. Often these messages are written in a farewell card. How to formulate these short wishes, of course, depends on the reason for which the colleague leaves the company. This could be a promotion, a termination or a change of job, but also the pension or retirement. Here are some free goodbye wishes you may use for your colleague leaving:

People's emotions are always strongest when we passed or if you meet up again. In this sense, we hope that we will see you again soon. Goodbye!

How hard it is to say goodbye, underlines how much we will miss you. Therefore, we say goodbye and hope that you take this literally.

The earth is a sphere - so a goodbye is always a new beginning. We wish you all the best on your way forward.

Some people come into our lives and quickly disappear. Others stay a while and leave their mark on our hearts. You have left deep scars.

You didn't let any of your team members fall behind. Cheers!

Wish you a smooth sailing ahead and a path full of joy
May all your dreams come true in the future!

It may be hard to say good bye. But the good with it is A promise of something better.

The departure of a long and important work is always more sad than pleasing. Goodbye my friend.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

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Goodbye message to colleague or coworker leaving

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