Golden Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Golden Wedding Anniversary WhishesWishes for the golden wedding are written into a congratulation card or a gift card. The golden wedding anniversary is the 50th anniversary for a couple. Staying together for such a long time and being married to each other and to meet ups and downs of life together is an accomplishment. At this 50th wedding anniversary you should send a very beautiful card to congratulate the couple. You should include some personal words or sayings that fit the topic golden wedding and who are dear and sincere. Here are some suggestions for your own greeting cards for the 50th wedding anniversary of your parents, grandparents or thoer relatives:

50 years have gone since you started walking side by side through good and difficult times. I wish you all the best now for the next 50 years.

The golden wedding anniversary is a milestone which should be taken as an opportunity to calm down and feel well together and fulfill your desire. Happy Golden Wedding anniversary!

The anniversary couple I want to send all the luck in the world, but then it occurred to me that you have your greatest happiness already found some 50 years ago. Congratulations!

50 years married and still so in love ... times when I get married, I want my marriage just like yours. Congratulations for your golden wedding anniversary.

Age does not protect against love - you are proof of that. But Love protects against aging - you are proof ot that as well!

I wish the couple all the happiness on earth. Or did you already find it about 50 years ago?

To celebrate your golden wedding anniversary we will send you many greetings and wish you many more years together in harmony.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Sayings

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