Gift Ideas for Horse Riders

Gifts for Horse Riders

Horse riding people love their hobby and their horses. Whenever a birthday, Christmas or another occasion for a present comes up an equestrian present is more than welcome. Horse riding is an expensive hobby. Here you can find some nice present ideas for anyone who loves horses.

1Riding gloves are a favorite present. For the daily work dark blue , brown or black are the favorite colors for riding gloves. May be some white gloves for the competition are need too. Please make sure the gloves are of a high quality otherwise they will not survive the daily claims.
2A great present is a voucher for a few riding lessons. Especially beginners need some good lessons to get started but even well experience riders are always glad about some help of a good riding instructor.
3If the person rides dressage she might need a special bit or a nice long dressage whip.
4Tickets for the next big show or a nice stallion show is a fantastic present.
5How about a nice brocaded saddlecloth. The name of the horse or the brand of a horse look really nice and make the saddlecloth something special.
6If you need a funny gift for a horse rider you may want to choose a toy horse.

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Gift Ideas for Horse Riders and their Horses

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