16th Birthday Gift Ideas

16th Birthday Gifts

To find the right present for a 16 year old boy or girl is certainly not easy. Here you can find some present ideas for the 16h birthday of a teenager boy or girl. It does not always has to be a hug or expensive present a few small presents can make an even better job sometimes.

1At the age of 16 everyone needs money. Teenager want to go out, have fun, get themselves some music or even fancy cloth. Therefore money presents are more than welcome at that age. It does not have to be boring either. You can wrap up the money in a nice stylish way.
2If you rather not make a money present, how about a nice voucher. Every teenager has it`s favorite cloth shop and is defiantly happy about getting some new clothes. May be a voucher for a short trip to a nice city is the right present for your teenager.
316 year old teenager often love music. It is a real important thing in their life at that stage. A voucher of a music portal in the internet is a real good idea. Usually you buy a 20 or 50 Euro voucher on one of these pages.
4At the age of 17 everyone is allowed to start with their driving license. It costs a lot of money these days to get your license. What about a voucher over 2 driving lessons?
5An old but still good idea is a voucher for the cinema. This voucher should include the tickets for a film, some popcorn and a drink. If you would like to spend a little bit more you could include a dinner.
6Smartphones are the most popular gadgets amont teenagers. So if you have some more money to spend for the 16th birthday gift you may buy a new cellphone.

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16th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls

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