German Birthday Wishes

German birthday wishes

If you want to say "Happy Birthday" in German language or your would like to send a birthday congratulation with you cellphone to Germany you need wordings, sayings or quotes to send a warm birthday wish ti a colleague, friend, coworker or other nice people. Here are some Germany birthday congratulations with english translation ofr this purpose.

1"Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag" is the basic birthday congratulation in German language. The translation is just "Happy Birthday".
2If you want to say "I wish all your dreams come true" you can write "Ich wünsche dir , dass alle deine Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen".
3A sweet birthday greeting is "Ich schicke dir eine Umarmung und einen Kuss" which means "I send you a hug and a kiss".
4For children and yound girls and boys you might say "Ich wünsche dir fantastische Geschenke" which means "I wish you get fantastic gifts".
5For a funny wish for a colleague or friend you might say "Nein, du bist nicht alt, sondern ein Klassiker" which translates to "No, you are not old, you're a classic!".

More wishes in foreign languages and in english can be found on this web site as well as card templates and woridngs for various events.

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German Birthday Wishes and Text Messages

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