Funny Women Quotes

Women QuotesHere are some funny but not offending quotes and sayings about women. These proverbs and sayings make you laugh. You may use them for SMS text messages, emails and letters but also for facebook and twitter.

Woman: everybody loves them but nobody understands them.

What have women and tornados in common? They take your house and your cars once they are leaving.

A lot of women do not know what they want but they determined to get it.

Women don not lie. They just reinvent the truth.

Since eve was born, women just think about cloth.

A clever man will never condradicts his wife. He just sits back and waits for her to do it herself.

It is really hard to be a woman – you have got to think like a man, behave like a lady, look like a girl and work like a horse.

There is nothing more unforgiving than an elephant and a woman.

The dangerous age of a woman starts, once she rather looks into her picture album than her mirror.

If a husband wants his wife to listen quietly and attentively he has got to speak in his sleep.

There is only one thing more expensive than a wife – that’s your ex wife.

If a woman colors her lips, it is just like a soldier cleaning his gun.

For a woman a disclaimer is the break between two wishes.

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Funny Women Quotes and Sayings

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