Funny Retirement Wishes

Retirement WishesFunny sayings and sweet jokes about pensioners and people who are about to retire. These funny short text make a little joke about retirement and but are never nasty or mean. Therefore these wishes can also be used in a speech if a colleague retires.

What time does a pensioner goes to bed at? Three hours after falling asleep on a sofa.

How do you call someone who loves his job and refuses to retire? Crazy!

How many pensioners do you need to change a light bulb? Hm, only the one but it can take one ore two days.

How can you explain living as a pensioner? A never ending coffee brake.

Why do pensioners often say that they do not miss their work but the colleagues? Because they are to good behaved to tell the truth.

Name the three prejudices of being a pensioner? Speed limits are no challenge any longer, friends will never tell your secret because they can`t remember it anymore. Your eyes won`t get any worth.

Being a pensioner ist just like work you dont do anything. The only different is that being a pensioner you don`t have to be scared of getting caught.

The problem with retirement is that you never get a day off.

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Funny Retirement Wishes and Quotes

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