Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings

fortune cookie sayingsFortune cookies are little cookies which small funny sayings and inspirationals words inside. These cookies are often served in Chinese restaurants but the fortune cookies are pushing more and more into our living rooms. Here you can find some funny sayings and quotes.

A quote of a film (I cant remember which film it was. If someone knows please let me know)

Help, I am captured in a fortune cookies factory!

In a chinese restaurant
Do you still believe, that you have just had chicken for dinner?

Fortune Cookie sayings to think about

One day you are the pigeon another day you are the statue.

Your life is starting now Every second is a restart.

The universe loves happy people. Be one of them.

The road to success is to realize, that your wish to have something is bigger than your fear for it.

Funny claims for your fortune cookies

Everybody is dreaming of the big luck in life, some are dreaming of a cookie.

Konfuzius says: If you really think you will find a usefull wisdom on a small slip of paper found in a 5 Cent fortune cookie, you must be mad.

There are some smart alecks around which will never understand that they might be right but still are an idiot.

This saying will destroy itself in 10 seconds.

A day without you is just like a day without a fortune cookie.

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Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings and Quotations

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