Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny Birthday SayingsThe birthday of a friend, colleague or a relative is always a good reason to send out a nice birthday wish. Here you can find some funny birthday claims and sayings which are perfectly to be send via sms or even to be put on a nice card. All sayings and wishes are free of charge . You will find some sayings for men and women, for friend, boy and girlfriend and for all the other lovely people in your life.

Funny sayings and birthday wishes are very popular because they make the birthday person laugh. Here you can find some real short and funny sayings. Please make sure you only send these claims to people who won`t take them too serious.

You know you are getting old, once the birthday candles are more expensive than the cake.

The best way to remember your wifes birthday is to forget him only once.

You are only young once but you have the possibility to expend this once infinitly. Happy birthday.

Birthday are good for you. Scientific investigation show that people with lots of birthdays live longer.

Getting old is not that bad considering the alternatives

Sayings for a birthday card
These sayings are mainly used in birthday card. All these sayings are humorous. All these sayings are free of charge.
All the best for you birthday. Please take one advice - smile as long as you still have teeth.

Happy birthday. You are not getting older today - you are turning into an oldtimer.

Don`t cheat with your age unless it is an emergency. For example if someone asked you about your age

Happy birthday - Next year I will get you a bigger cake so that all the candles find a place on it.

Men are like wine - they get better with every year. Women are like milk.

All the best for your birthday- You have now reached an age where every compliment is extended with the sentence "for your age".

A diplomat is a men, which remembers the birthday of his wife but forgets her age.

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Funny Birthday Wishes and Sayings

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