Friendship Sayings and Quotes

Friendship QuotesThe best friend will always listen to you and is always there when you need her. What is closer than letting her know just how important she is to you. Here you can find some nice claims which are just perfect for a sms.

Sometimes a smile says more than a loud laughter. Just shortly somebody asked me how important my best friend is to me. I just gave him a smile.

I want to thank you for always being at my side. You are helping me to go through the up and downs of my life. Thanks for being my best friend.

The nicest things in life you can not see or touch - you have got to feel them. Our friendship is something which strongly feel and enjoy.

With this sms i want to let you know that you the best friend anyone can ask for and i want to thank you for being there for me when I need you the most.

The best friend knows everything about you and still likes you.

Friends are just like stars. You can not always see them but you know they are always there.

Friends are like angels which help us to get back up onto our feet when our wings forgot how to fly.

Give everyone a second chance because you will need one sometimes.

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Friendship Sayings and Quotes

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