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Sayings to think aboutInspriational sayings are quotes or short text which make you think about the meaning of life, about love and living or about you goals and dreams. Here are some of those inspirational sayings for SMS to friends or you new love. You may find some messages quite nice because they make you think about the meaning of love and life.
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Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings

funny fortune cookiesFortune Cookies are quite funny but also make you think about some things. Here are some nice and funny quotes and sayings, inspirational words and quotations from fortune cookies as you may find them in a chinese restaurant. Some of the sayings are quotes from famous hollywood films, others are just nonsense.
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New Beginning Quotes

new startChange keeps us going on so a new beginning of a new chapter of life is a important event in life. Here are some quotes and sayings on a new start, a new love or a new job. These text messages are to cheer you up and give you face for the future.
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Inspirational Life Quotes

life quotesThese quotes and phrases about life make you think about yourself and the world we live in. There are many inspirational quotes about various topics, about the earth and the moon, the sun and human beings.
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