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Baby Boy Gift Ideas

Birth Baby Boy GiftsGift ideas for the birth of a baby boy. Here are some small an big gifts you many give to the baby or the morther and father. You should give something to remember like photos or something like a money box which can be filled during the years. In any case, here are a couple of nice present ideas for a little baby boy.
Events Published on 29.04.2013

Baby Girl Gift Ideas

Gifts for a new born girlWhat can you give to parents of a new born baby girl? Here are some ideas for baby birth gifts which are very welcome. There are small, personal and bigger gifts. Funny ideas for young parents are quite popular.
Events Published on 03.05.2013

New Home Wishes

Home Warming WishesWhen you want to congratulate a friend, your brother or sister for the new house you may find these short messages and sayings quite useful. There are warm and nice messages for SMS or congratulation cards. Usually your friend will be proud of his new home or new house. So you should tell him that you like it quite much and that you will visit him as often as you can.
Events Published on 07.05.2013

Goodbye message to colleague leaving

Leaving CoworkerWhen a colleague leaves a company or a department, then this is often a sad event, which can be more enjoyable with funny or inspirational sayings, messages or wishes and kind words. Here are some free goodbye sayings for colleagues leaving the company or department. You can use these messages to send warm, thoughtful or nice and meaningful goodbye wishes. There are also some farewell quotes for a male or female colleague.
Events Published on 08.05.2013

Goodbye Messages to Friends

Farewell MessagesWhat to say to a friend leaving? Here are some farewell quotes to friends, goodbye messages for facebook and for letters, for SMS and cards. All texts are free for personal use. You can express your feelings to a friend who is moving, is leaving town, goes for a long holiday or emigrates to another country.
Events Published on 10.05.2013

Inspirational Sayings

Sayings to think aboutInspriational sayings are quotes or short text which make you think about the meaning of life, about love and living or about you goals and dreams. Here are some of those inspirational sayings for SMS to friends or you new love. You may find some messages quite nice because they make you think about the meaning of love and life.
Events Published on 11.05.2013

Company Anniversary Wishes

Corporate AnniversaryFree congratulations and sayings for a company anniversary used to congratulate business partners and customers, suppliers and other cordially. With a congratulation on the corporate anniversary you can honor the hard work of the management and the employees. Here are some suitable formulations and short texts you may use for greetings on the company's anniversary for an anniversary card or a short messages.
Events Published on 15.05.2013

Funny Newborn Baby Wishes

newborn starIf you are looking for some funny and cute sayings and wishes for a newborn baby card you may use these wordings for cards or SMS messages. Here are a couple of newborn baby wishes for girls and boys. All these texts are free and may be used for your own personal newborn baby cards.
Events Published on 22.05.2013

Funny Fortune Cookie Sayings

funny fortune cookiesFortune Cookies are quite funny but also make you think about some things. Here are some nice and funny quotes and sayings, inspirational words and quotations from fortune cookies as you may find them in a chinese restaurant. Some of the sayings are quotes from famous hollywood films, others are just nonsense.
Events Published on 22.05.2013

First Day at School Wishes

Chalkboard 1st Day SchoolFunny and cute sayings and wordings for cards and wishes to boys and girls for the first day at school. These short texts are child friendly and can encourage a little boy or girl to go to school with a smile on the face.
Events Published on 26.05.2013

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