Encouragement Sayings for Friends

EncouragementWith encouragement sayings and messages you can cheer up a friend, colleague, brother or sister or other relative. It is quite important to choose the riight encouragement wording to cheer him up and not down. The choise depents on why your firend is not in a good mood. Here are some encouraging sayings which are suitable for small setbacks in life. You may use these texts for SMS messages or whise words you write into a letter.

Life is indeed strange. Eventually, one of your worst defeats to your greatest strength.

The most important things in life were discovered by people who actually had no more chance of success, but still have held tenaciously to their goal.

It's ok to be afraid or to feel uncertainty, because if you get past these feelings, one can hope for the fulfillment of your dreams.

Difficulties should be overcome and not run away from them. People have only made fantastic things when they have faced their problems.

Even the greatest suffering is alleviated by the smile of a loved one. So I smile at you and say: head up!

No night can be so dark that you can not yet see a little light. So take a closer look.

Some problems are solved all by itself, if you wait some time.

If there were only joy in the world, we could never learn to be brave and patient.

To make an angry face, you need 65 muscles. To smile, you only need ten.

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Encouragement Sayings for Friends - messages and wishes

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