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Keep SmilingHere you can find some sayings to cheer up your friends when they are down. They are short and just perfect for a sms. These sayings might get you thinking and hopefully will cheer up the consignee.

A happy person is not someone in a particular situation but someone with the right attitude.

To be happy is not the result of missing difficulties but solving them.

If you look into your heart and you can not find anything nasty or something wrong what are you so sad or scared about them?

Something happiness is the reason for a smile, sometimes a smile is the reason to be happy. So keep on smiling.

Quote of Albert Einstein freely translated:
There are 2 ways to live a life. One way is to look at everything like it is a wonder and the other is to find nothing wonderful.

Happiness is something that happens when we hold on for a second and realize how wonderful the life is.

We all can do things, which you won`t even consider or dream of. It is important to find just these things out.

Self-pity is the biggest enemy on the way to be happy.

laugh if you can, regret if there is a reaon for it and do not try to change things you can not change. Life is too short to waste some thoughts about these things.

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Cheer Up Messages Quotes and Sayings

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