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Cat QuotesCats are very special animals and every cat owner loves his cat. Here you can find some sayings and jokes about these animals and they will certainly put a smile on a cat onwers face. These cat claims are free of charge and made for sms or a card.

Every cat owner knows that you can not own a cat.

If cats could talk, they would shut up.

The funny thing about cats is that they always have the same impression on their face - it does not matter if they are looking at a mouse or a monster.

Cats climb on trees so that they can look down on nearly every other animal - Thatís the reason why cats hate birds.

A cat is the only living creature that enjoys the benefits of the civilization and ignores the obligations.

Every cat which failed to catch a mouse will pretend to be hunting a withered leaf.

The cat is not my prisoner. It is an independent creature which accidently shares the same house with me.

Dogs have an owner - cats have personal staff.

God created the cat - so that the humans have a tiger to cuddle.

Dogs come running to you when you call them. Cats take note of it and sometimes come to back to it.

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Cat quotes and Sayings

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