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Italian Birthday Messages

Italy Happy BirthdayIf you want to send birthday text messages in italian language to a colleague, a friend, relative or coworker you need some wordings. Here are some common italian happy birthday wishes with english translation.
Birthday->Foreign Wishes Published on 07.06.2013

German Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday in GermanyIf you want to send birthday congratulation and wishes in German language you might need proper wordings and sayings. Here are some text messages, sayings and wishes in German with English translation. These text might be also used for birthday cards send to Germany.
Birthday->Foreign Wishes Published on 07.06.2013

Russian Birthday Wishes

Russian Birthday WishesIf you would like to say "Happy Birthday" in russian language you might need some wordings in cyrillic. Here are some russian congratulations with English translation so you can use them for text messages and birthday card and know what you are writing without knowledge of cyrillic. These are the most common birthday wishes in Russia.
Birthday->Foreign Wishes Published on 11.06.2013

Spanish Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday in SpainSweet and common Spanish birthday congratulations phrases which you can use in SMS text messages and birthday cards. If you want to congratulate on a birthday of a friend, colleague, facebook contact or other nice people speaking Spanish you may want to use a Spanish birthday phrase. Here are some nice wordings and wishes to say "Happy Birthday" in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.
Birthday->Foreign Wishes Published on 13.06.2013

Polish Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday in PolandPolish birthday greetings for cards and SMS text messages. Here are a couple of common Polish congratulation phrases and the translation in English language. You may use these sayings and wordings if you want to send birthday congratulations to relatives and friends in Poland.
Birthday->Foreign Wishes Published on 20.06.2013

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