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55th Birthday Wishes

Sayings and Congratulations for the 55th BirthdayIf you are looking for greeting messages, phrases or wishes and wordings for a 55th birthday card or an SMS, then here you find the texts you are looking for. Funny birthday wishes and warm greetings for a 55th birthday of men and women can be found here. All sayings on this website are free for personal use.
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56th Birthday Wishes

56th Birthday WishesWordings and sayings for birthday cards and SMS text messages for the 56th birthday of colleagues, relatives or friends. All these 56th birthday sayings and texts a free for perosnal use. There are funny proverbs and happy greetings for men and women.
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57th Birthday Wishes

57th Birthday WishesFunny happy 57th birthday wishes and sweet congratulations for men and women. If your dad or your mom, a friend or a work colleague, a relative or any other person you like gets 57 years old, you may want to send wishes in a birthday card or a SMS text message. Here are some wordings for those messages.
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