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50th Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday 50When you want to congratulate for the 50th birthday of your friend, your mother or father, a colleague or someone else you like, you need some happy birthday messages. Here are some wishes and sayings for the 50th birthday which might be used for free for birthday cards, SMS or emails, for facebook comments or other material. There are many funny wishes and also happy and inspirational congratulations.
Birthday Published on 22.04.2013

40th Birthday Wishes

happy 40th birthdayThe 40th birthday is a huge event for many man and women because it is a big round number and when you are 40 you realize that you are not really young any more. Here you find some 40th birthday wishes and sayings. They can be used to write text into birthday cards, as short messages send with your phone or for texts in your facebook profiles. You may use all the birthday wishes and texts for your personal birthday greetings for friends and relatives, for nice people.
Birthday Published on 22.04.2013

60th Birthday Wishes

Happy 60th BirthdayGreetings ans wishes for the 60th birthday of a man oder a woman can be found here. There are funny quite and sayings, warm messages and wordings for birthday cards or SMS for the 60th birthday of friends, relatives, parents or nice people.
Birthday Published on 23.04.2013

30th Birthday Wishes

Happy 30th BirthdayThe 30th birthday is a milestone in life of most young man and woman. You should send happy 30th birthday wishes to all your friends and relatives. You find some messages and wishes here which are suited well for SMS birthday wishes and messages in birthday cards. All wordings and texts on this website are free.
Birthday Published on 23.04.2013

55th Birthday Wishes

Sayings and Congratulations for the 55th BirthdayIf you are looking for greeting messages, phrases or wishes and wordings for a 55th birthday card or an SMS, then here you find the texts you are looking for. Funny birthday wishes and warm greetings for a 55th birthday of men and women can be found here. All sayings on this website are free for personal use.
Birthday Published on 24.04.2013

65th Birthday Wishes

Wishes 65th BirthdayFunny and warm, nice and sweet 65th birthday greetings for your grandfather, grandmother, mother oder father, for relative and friends, for colleagues or for your chief. Here are a lot of happy and funny messages and wordings you can use for birthday cards and other congratulations. All texts and templates on this website are free for personal use.
Birthday Published on 26.04.2013

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Gifts Ideas 60th Birthday PresentsIf you are looking for a great gift idea for the 60th birthday of a nice person, you may find it here. We show you what to give for the 60th birthday of your dad or mom, grandfather or grandmother, of your loved aunt or other relatives, but also for almost any other men or women. There are small and big gifts which are welcome.
Birthday Published on 29.04.2013

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Presents Ideas 40thThe 40th Birthday is a special occasion and you really should make a great gift for the 40th birthday of your wife, your father or mother, you friend or work colleague. Here are many gift ideas for nice birthday persons. Some of the gifts are more for a man, others are good for a woman. In any case you will find the right gift idea here.
Birthday Published on 29.04.2013

50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Presents Gifts 50th BirthdayIf you are looking for a nice gift for the 50th birthday of a friend, of your father or mother, of your brother or sister, a work colleague or for other nice people, you may find the right present idea here. We suggest a lot of surprises for a man or a woman getting 50 years old. A nice present does not have to cost much - you just need the right idea.
Birthday Published on 30.04.2013

35th Birthday Wishes

Wishes 35 yearsWhen you want to congratulate for the 35th Birthday of a friend or colleague you may find the birthday wishes quite useful. Here are funny greetings, formal wishes and warm congratulations for the 35th birthday of a man or a woman. You can use all the texts and messages, wordings and sayings for free. They are suitable for birthday cards, for SMS or letters, emails or other kind of congratulations.
Birthday Published on 30.04.2013

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