Beer Sayings and Quotes

Beer SayingsBeer is the favorite drink of all men. Here you can find some short and funny sayings about beer, drinking and people who drink beer.

People who drink beer, can sleep well and people who sleep well can`t do strange things.

I don’t drink (any)more – but not less either.

One reason why I can not drink is that I would like to remember having fun.

The existence of beer is a sing of god that he loves us.

If you can still read the label on your beer bottle, you need another one.

You know you are drunk if you run into a closed door which you haven`t seen before.

A balanced diet is a bottle of beer in each hand.

I am on a diet – I only drink beer on days ending with a y.

Beer is certainly not the answer but helps to forget the asked question.

These beer sayings are certainly only a little jokes and you need to take alcohol more serious.

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Beer Sayings and Quotes about men's favorite drink

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