75th Birthday Wishes

75th BirthdayThe 75th Birthday is a special event for every man and every woman because it is a big anniversary, which occurs only once in life. To grandma or grandpa, father or mother or another loved one on his 75th To congratulate birthday, one usually writes a birthday card, nowadays sometimes a SMS.You find a couple fo congratulations and sayings for the 75th birthday here. Some are funny, others are warm and happe messages.. There are short sayings and texts for birthday cards. They are suitable for both men and women, some are more formal. So everyone can find the perfect birthday congratulations.

Funny 75th Birthday Wishes

Funny congratulations for the 75th Birthday are particularly popular, because it is such a great day and it should be interpreted as a positive event to look forward to. You should be in a good mood when you are getting 75 years old. Here are some funny and humorous birthday sayings for the 75th birthday that you can use for a congratulations card.
Congratulations on your 75th Birthday. If somebody calls you "old", then throw your teeth and hit him with your crutch

A gentleman is one who does not forget the birthday of a lady, but can not remember her age.

All the best for the 75th Birthday! I come to you today to have some drinks. If an old bag like me sitting next to you, you will feel much younger

Do not forget to put on the sunglasses, if you want to blow out the 75 candles on your birthday cake. So many lights can dazzle!

Men are like wine - they get better with each passing year.

Happy 75th Birthday Greetings

If you congratulate for ther 75thbirthday of your grandmother or his grandfather, father or mother, then you should used more warm wishes and congratulations. Such birthday wishes are presented here. They are used mainly on a birthday card, but may also be used for letters, SMS oder other mailings. All birthday sayings are free.
Congratulations on your 75th Birthday. I wish that all your dreams and wishes for the coming years will be fulfilled.

For your 75th birthday I wish you lots of fun, great gifts, health, happiness and success and that we will celebrate your 100th birthday together!

Congratulations on your 75th Birthday for the best grandma in the world. I want to thank that you're always there for me and I hope many more birthdays to celebrate with you.

Greetings to the 75th Birthday to the coolest grandpa in the world. I wish you health, happiness and all your wishes will be fulfilled.

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75th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Cards

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