73rd Birthday Wishes

73rd BirthdayHappy congratulations and funny sayings for the 73rd birthday fo your granddad or grandmother, aunt oder uncle, for friends and relatives. These ohrases are free congratulation messages for birthday cards and SMS text messages. You may use these phrases for emails and facebook as well.

Happy 73rd Birthday. May all your wishes come true and you get all you desire.

I could not believe you are getting 73 years old. You just look like 72!

You know you are getting old when all the candles do not fit on the cake. It is hard to place 73 candles on one cake, isn't it? Happy Birthday!

Happy 73rd birthday. I send 73 kisses and 73 hugsand wish the greatest birthday party ever!

Happy 73rd birthday. Acutally I wanted to send something nice and sweet but I did not fit in the envelope!

Your 73rd birthday is the start of another journes of the earth around the sun. Relax and have fun for the next 365 days!

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73rd Birthday Wishes and Congratulations for Cards

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