70th Birthday Gifts for Dad

70th Birthday Gifts

On the 70th Birthday of your dad or grandfad or another relativeyou should choose an original gift. The anniversary is special because men in the age of 70 are already retired and can devote themselves to their hobbies and enjoy the finer things in life. Therefore, many gift ideas for 70th birthday gifts are about wellness and hobbies. Here are some ideas for such gifts.

1A good bottle of wine is always welcome by men in the age of 70. Some dads or grandads prefer a good whiskey. You should choose a really good one because the 70th birthday is quite special.
2A balloon ride is a nice gift idea for the 70th birthday of your dad. This still is an adventure.
3Older people usually like to watch television. Although a comfortable TV chair is not cheap, it is certainly a very good birthday present. It is important that it is comfortable.
4A photo book with pictures of the whole family is a nice gift idea for your dad for the 70th birthday.
5How about a short wellness trip for the 70 birthday?
6For Men at the age of 70 the family is very important. You could organice a surprise party with all family members and old friends from school and work.
7In case your dad love to read book you may buy a e book reader for him. This is a nice gadget which will be loved by everyone reading books regularly.
8What about a short wellness trip for your dad? A massage and other wellness treatments are very relaxing.

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70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

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