70th Birthday printable card templates

70th Birthday CardsVarious 70th Birthday card templates for download. These free templates are for the 70th birthday of your mom or dad, grandmother oder grnadfather or other friends or relaitves. Some of these printable cards are quite funny, others are more formal and warm. All 70 birthday templates are in Word 2010 format. You can download them and change the text and illustrations. You may also print a card directly without changing anything. They are all generic so you can use them as a congratulation card for many people. All cards have a 70th birthday symbol and a congratulation text.

70th Birthday Card with Flowers
Free 70th Birthday Card Template with a flower background and a short congratulation text. Word 2010 birthday card template.
70th Birthday Card with Flowers Template
70th Birthday Universe Card
Space 70th birthday congratulation card. Nice background and a big 70 for this free card for grandmom or granddad.
Free 70th Birthday Universe Card to print
Funny 70th Birthday Card
Funny 70th Birthday Greeting Card for Men. Traffic Sign with Speed Limit on a blue background. Funny card template for Word.
Funny 70th Birthday Card in Blue with Traffic Sign
Printable 70th Birthday Card Template
70 aged to perfection is the funny saying on this printable 70th Birthday Card Template with a bright big pink 70 and a short text.
Printable 70th Birthday Card Template

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 70th Birthday Wishes  Free 70th Birthday wishes for cards. Happy and funny messages for the 70th birthday of parents, grandparents or other nice people.
 60th Birthday Card Templates  60th Birthday Greeting Card Templates for Friends, Mom, Sister, Borther, Husband or Colleagues. Word 2010 Birthday Card Templates.

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Free printable 70th Birthday Card Templates

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