65th Birthday Wishes

65th birthdayFor the 65th birthday you set up birthday congratulations usually with a birthday card. Today, SMS is also often used for congratulations Here are some sayings, phrases and short texts for this purpose, which can be used for birthday messages for men and woman, relatives and friends, grandparent and parents or other nice people. All birthday card sayings and texts on this website are free and you are welcome to use them for you own congratulations.

Funny 65th Birthday Wishes

The most popular are funny birthday greetings, because a birthday is an occasion for joy and celebration. Even though some men and women are not like getting older, a birthday phrase should always spread good mood. So here are short funny congratulations presented for SMS and cards.
Congratulations on your birthday. I can not believe you're 65 years old. You look not a single day older than 64!

I'll tell you my secret for libving long in youth: go to bed early, eat more healthy and if someone asks for your age: lie!

Congratulations on your 65th Birthday. I come to you today to celebrate, because if an old fart like me sitting next to you, you'll feel much younger!

Happy Birthday. Do not worry about it, you're just a year older than yesterday. The alternative is not much better...

Happy and Warm 65th Birthday Sayings

When you congratulate for the 65th birthday of a relative, work colleague or your chief you may need more formal wordings.Warm birthday wishes and formal congratulations are a better choice for those people.. The following birthday messages and phrases can be used for this purpose:
A birthday is the start of another journey around the sun, which will last 365 days. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

I wish you all the birthday love, luck, success and good health and that all your wishes and dreams will go in the next life for you in fulfilling

As a true gentleman, I've been thinking about your birthday, but forgot your age. Are you 53 or 54 years old?

A birthday is a time to look back on the successes of last year and to set new goals for the next years. I wish that you will achieve all of these goals.

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65th Birthday Wishes - Funny and Happy Congratulations

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