60th Birthday Gift Ideas

60th Birthday Gifts

The 60th Birthday is such a special day for the father or mother, the own husband or wife, for the grandma or grandpa or for an real long friend that a special present has to be found. Most people concentrate on the nice sides of life at that age. They love to travel, to do gardening, to take care of their grandchildren and the rest of their family. To make sure you find the right present please the special needs and wishes into your consideration. May be you can find a good idea in the following lines:

1Especially mothers and grandmothers love pictures of their family. May be a calendar for the next year is a good idea. Take nice pictures of their loved once and put one on each month.
2What about a trip to a nice city, such as London, Paris or Berlin? A nice sightseeing tour will bring you the culture a little bit closer.
3Wellness is a real nice thing. Book a day at a wellness place and relax while getting a massage or sitting in a sauna. You will feel so relaxed afterwards.
4Another nice a idea is a yearbook with lots of pictures and little anecdotes of the birthday person. A real nice memory for everyone.
5A great gift idea is an adventure gift - something like driving a crane or doing a parachute jump.
6Probably the birthday person needs some decoration or furniture for his flat? A nice sculpture or painting on the wall ist a nice idea.

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60th Birthday Gift Ideas - Presents for Men and Women

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