60th Birthday Wishes

60th Birthday WhishesThese wishes and greetings are good for the 60th birthday of friends, colleagues, business partners, employees, relatives or for your father or mother, grandfather or grandmother or other loved ones. Nowadays birthday greetings a send most often via SMS messages as birthday congratulations, but also increasingly messages through Facebook. For the 60th birthday you may prefer to send a classic birthday card with sayings and congratulating. For higher ages this is the most popular way to warmly congratulate someone. Here are numerous wordings, wishes and congratulations which can be use for men and women.

Funny 60th Birthday wishes

Funny sayings and funny wishes are particularly popular for the 60th Birthday. Especially among friends and relatives funny birthday sayings are used to congratulate.The 60th birthday is a joyous occasion that should tackle with humor. Here are some of such funny sayings for men and women.
Congratulations on your birthday. I could not believe that you're 60 years old. You do not look older than 59 years!

The secret of eternal youth is to eat healthy, honorable and to lie about your real age!

Wow - it took 60 years until you're matured to such perfection. Congratulations on that!

Congratulations on your birthday. You are actually only 39 years old - with 21 years experience!

Did you know that a man of 60 years, has spent 20 years in bed and 3 years with eating? I hope you will add still add a few hours of eating the birthday cake!

Warm 60th birthday whishes

If you want to send happy birthday greetings which are a little bit more formal you may prefer the next birthday whishes. They are formulated in neutral. Here are some warm birthday wishes for the 60th Birthday, which are designed for exactly this purpose. All birthday wishes on this website are free and can be used for business congratulations.
The 60th Birthday I send you many greetings and wish that all your dreams, wishes and expectations are going to come true very soon.

For you 60th I wish you lots of happiness, success and of course many beautiful gifts. but most of all I wish you that you are in the circle of lovely people. Today you are the most important person in our life. Congratulations!

The 60th Birthday is also just a starting point of a year-long journey of the earth around the sun. So enjoy your ride.

You have seen or experienced a lot of wonderful things all these years. Hope you keep doing the same. Happy 60th birthday.

Stay healthy and fit. Nothing more - nothing less. Happy Birthday!

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