5th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

5th birthday gifts boys

What can you give to a boy at the age of 5 years? Here are some gift ideas for five year old boys which are suitable as a 5th birthday gift for grandma and grandpa, godmother or godfather or other relatives. There are ides in several price ranges. In any case all boys will love these toys.

1A remote control car (RF) is a great gift idea for the 5th birthday of a boy. It can be a simple model that can be found in toy stores from about 20 dollars. Especially boys have a lot of fun. One should think of enough batteries because after a few hours playing they are empty.
2Jigsaw puzzles are very popular with boys at 5 years. They are obtained with all the possible motives - horses, dogs, cats, but also cars, farm. 100 pieces are eligible for five year old children.
3A crane and other construction vehicles are usually very popular for boys at the age of 5 years. You can buy remotely controlled cranes with cablle for about 20 to 40 dollars which are more than 3 feet high.
4A simple learning computer or a video game with tutorials is a beautiful idea for kids 5 years. Shortly before school so they can learn letters and numbers, or basic arithmetic.
5Children at this age like to move. Therefore, rollerblades or roller skates, scooters, kids bikes, pedal cars, skateboards and other sports and play equipment very popular with children. In winter you can also give a fancy carriage.
6Another grwat gift idea for the 5th birthday of a boy is a day in the zoo or amusement park. Children love animals and you can have a lot of fun as well. This idea is suitable for grandmom and grandad as well.

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5th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

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