55th Birthday Wishes

55th BirthdayFor the 55th biurthday you may send birthday wishes via a SMS or a greeting card. You can find many sayings and wishes for this purpose here and congratulate with nmice phrases for the 55th birthday. There are funny birthday wishes and heartfelt short texts here, so congratulations to both work colleagues and acquaintances, as well as close friends and relatives are available. All congratulations on this website are free and can be used for your own happy birthday greetings.

Funny 55th birthday wishes

The 55th Birthday is an happy occasion for friends for most men and women. Funny birthday sayings are therefore particularly popular for congratulations. If one chooses a witty saying to congratulate someone, you should be sure that the birthday child also understands the fun and do not be offended or hurt, because it will eventually be a love birthday greeting.
Congratulations on your birthday. No, you're not 55 years old, but 41 with 14 years experience.

It took 55 years to mold yourself to this perfection. I congratulate you warmly to the perfect mind in a perfect body.

Wishes for your 55th birthday; Lots of beer, gifts, party people, love, smiling faces, tears of joy, and many more...Happy birthday!

A true friend remembers your birthday but not your age. In this sense, I am sending you a very loving birthday greeting.

Congratulations on your birthday. I could not believe that you're 55 years old. You've kept you well, for I believe that you look not a day older than 54!

Happy 55th birthday greetings

If you prefer warm and loving happy birthday phrases the following congratulations are recommende. Here you find short sweet birthday sayings and texts which are rather welcome for the 55th birthday.
For your 55th birthday I wish you lots of health, success and happiness in the upcoming year.

Congratulations on your 55th Birthday! I wish that all your dreams, wishes and ideas come true and you will find true happiness in life.

Even after 55 years of life, you're a good friend who has helped with many times. I would like to thank you and also send you very warm birthday greetings.

My heart felt wishes and blessings are coming your way on the wonderful occasion of your 55th birthday. I will pray that you receive more than you have hoped for this birthday. Happy Birthday.

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55th Birthday Wishes and Sayings

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