4th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

4th Birthday

What can you give a girl for here 4th birthday? What are original gift ideas? You should give something to play with - they do not care much about clothes. In the ages of 4 girls want something to unpack and play with, something to cudlle or craft. You should avoid money gifts for 4 year old kids. Here are some gift ideas for for four year old girls. To my experience every little girl loves these gifts.

1Children like to draw and to craft. This also promotes creativity and fine motor skills. Play dough is a nice idea as a gift, girls can have fun with it. Nowadays you can buy dough with lots of accessories such as stamping, forming and more.
2Coloring books and sticker books are also very popular at the age of 4 years. It is a good idea to select a book of familiar characters from movies and TV. This gift idea can serve as a small gift or as an additional gift, because it is going to have quite favorable.
3Girls like to play with dolls. A pram is therefore a good idea as a birthday gift for most girls. Doll clothes or a doll bed are also popular 4th birthday gifts for little girls.
4Also play kitchens for girls are a great idea. They can equip it with pots, pans, dishes and other accessories made ​​of plastic. In a play kitchen a girl can mimic her mother cooking food. There are other kitchen appliances such as toasters, microwave or household appliances such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners available as toys.
5Craft supplies as paper, stickers, stamps, glue, safe scissors, squiggle scissors, beads with pipe cleaners are also gift ideas for the 4th birthday of a girl.
64 year old girl like princesses, unicorns and fairies. So you can buy some toys or costumes regarding these fantasy characters.

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4th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

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