4th Birthday Congratulations

4th BirthdayIf a kid is getting 4 years old you may send a children's birthday card with congratulations. Here are some sayings, messages and wishes for the 4th birthday of a little boy or girl. These texts, quotes and wordings are suitable for birthday cards but may also be used in letters or SMS sent on the 4th birthday. They a child-friendly and can be used for your grandson oder granddaughter, for friends of your kid or for your nephew or niece.

It is hard to believe, but now you're one year cooler than last year. I wish all the best for you my little sweetheart.

Happy birthday! I wish you have a wonderful birthday day full of great gifts, joy and fun. Congratulations!

The little Princess turns 4 years old today! I wish a lot of great gifts for the yound lady and that all your friends and come to your birthday party

Congratulations on your fourth birthday! Now there are only 14 years left until you make your driving license and dcan rive excavators!

On your 4th birthday I wish 365 days full of fun and joy until you are getting 5 years old.

May your life be a wonderful journey full of happiness and joy, my love. Happy Birthday 4th birthday!

May all of your dreams come true today. Happy Birthday 4th birthday!

Sending oceans of good wishes for the entire life of the gifted child.

A very Happy 4th Birthday to the sweetest girl in all over the world.

May you achieve all your dreams and kiss success, in all walks of life. Happy 4th Birthday to you.

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 Free Children Birthday Cards to print  Children Birthday Cards to print. Free Wird 2010 template for funny colorful birthday cards with illustration and text. Cards for boys and girs.

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4th Birthday Congratulations and Wishes for Cards

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