44th Birthday Wishes

44th BirthdayThe 44th birthday is a special birthday for men and women. You should send a birthday card with sayings and congratulations to friends and relatives, colleagues and other nice people when they celebrate their 44th birthday. Here are some messages for SMS and cards for free. There are funny and heartfelt birthday sayings as well as happy birthday greetings.

Funny 44th Birthday Wishes

Funny congratulations are particularly sought after for every birthday, but especially to such Twinumeral birthday. For this reason we will first present some funny and humorous congratulations for the 44th birthday, which you can send to friends, colleagues or relatives.
Congratulations on your 44th Birthday. If anyone says you are getting old, hit him with your walking stick and throw your teeth after him!

Happy Greetings on your 44th birthday! It's great to feel young and dynamic. Can you remember?

No, you're not 44 years old - you are 32 with 12 years experience!

As a gentleman of good education, I naturally thought of your birthday. However, I've forgotten your age - it was 37 or 38 years?

Congratulations on your birthday. Today you are another year closer to the big 50!

Happy 44th Birthday< Wishes

In case you need more formal or inspirational greetings and messages for the 44th birthday, you may find the following texts more useful. They come straight from the heart and are suitable for your mom, for aunt, sister, uncle or even for your boss.
Congratulations on your 44th Birthday! I wish that all your dreams and wishes come true, before you reach the big 50!

For your 44th Birthday I send you greetings and a hug. I hope you get many great gifts and have a great day!

I actually wanted to send something sweet for your birthday, but I did not fit in the envelope! All the best for the 44th!

appy birthday to the best friend anyone could ever imagine. Thank you that you are here for mw now and fpr the next 44 years to come!

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44th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Cards and SMS

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